Fever camera with alarm

Dual Sensor Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera for Fever Detection

Key Benefits:

  1. Security: non-contact measurement, reduce the risk of cross infection
  2. Efficient: Detect multiple people at the same time less than 1 second
  3. Accuracy: Error less than ± 0.3 ℃
  4. Stability: Automatic temperature calibration function, good temperature stability
  5. Intelligent Alarm: Support temperature threshold setting and automatic screening warning mechanism, real-time alarm.
  6. Full-time work: 7 × 24 real-time rapid body temperature screening
  7. Easy deployment: One set thermal camera and one ordinary PC can constitutes a small temperature measurement station, supporting offline and online deployment
  8. Environmental adaptability: It can be applied to small scenes such as entrances, stores, etc
  9. Scalable: Can be linked with emergency command system to achieve rapid response and real-time processing
  10. Traceability: Combined with the software, it can trace back, analyze, and mine historical data

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