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Paging system of
waiting lists by sms with its
many advantages
New Technology for calling
customers comes out ...

No more Packs or pagets
• Easy to use
• Reservation Indicators
• Visual warning of the waiting period,after 30 minutes,the waiting period switches to red
• Allows clients to move freely without a distance limit(contrary to the pucks)
• A sms message is sent on the customer!s cell phone
Eliminate the expenses from battery replacements
          Eliminate puck theft
Eliminate the hassle of recharging batteries

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Restaurant pagers system by Microtech Canada


Restaurants pagers by Microtech Canada. Find the best alternative to the classic restaurants paging system. We provide the best alternative to the restaurants pagers system. Regular restaurant pager system require that you supply a pager to your customers, thus chance of loosing them, battery replacement and other expenses. Our system replace these restaurant pagers and provide your restaurant with the newer technology. Microtech paging system for customer waiting list or customer waiting queue management.

Restaurant pagers , the best way to manage your restaurant waiting line and to hekp your server manage the customer waiting line. Restaurant pagers, the newst technology in restaurant waiting line management.r

We provide customer pager system for all waiting list or waiting line management sysrtem with an electronic solution for all waiting list or waiting line management system that would require a pager system. Microtech Canada proivide the best restaurant paging system . Advise your custimer that their table is ready with an SMS instead of the regular pager system normaly use with restaurant pagers, No more pager or puck theft, no batteries recharging problem or repkacement in your restaurant pagers. Use your custoimer phone to advise them that their table is ready. Restaurant pagers with SMS waiting queue management is now easy with Microtech virtual pagers management system. Improve customer satisfaction with our unique pagers system.

Restaurants paging system by microtech Canada, the best restaurant paging system available for your restaurant. If your seeking a restaurant paging system, visit us online at www.elecmicrotech.ca your online source for any restaurants pagers and restaurants paging system.

Server pager system by microtech Canada. Find the best server pager for your restaurant. Looking for a server pagers system for your restaurant at www.electromicrotech.ca we rovide the best server pagers system here on electromicrotech.ca. Virtual server pager can help you manage your customer waiting queue. Provide your restaurant server with the best server pagers system.

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